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Holding Deposits

Applicable to Portchester House Residents only

Should you have an offer agreed in principle after a viewing (Subject to Contract and References) we will ask you to pay a £250 Holding Deposit to register your interest and reserve your place in the property until you have signed a tenancy agreement. The Holding Deposit will be held for up to 15 calendar days/until an Alternative Deadline Date as we have agreed between us. The Holding Deposit will be refundable within 7 days if we decide not to take the tenancy forward or we both fail to enter into a tenancy agreement within 15 days/by the Alternative Deadline date. However, it will not be refunded if you do not have the Right to Rent under the Immigration Act, you provide false or misleading information, you change your mind or do not take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement even though we have taken all reasonable steps to do so.

Should your tenancy proceed, by paying a Holding Deposit you consent to the fact that once a tenancy has been entered into, the Holding Deposit will be used towards the first month’s rent. If you do not want that to happen, do not pay the Holding Deposit and please get in touch with us to discuss.