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Terms and Conditions for Uber Incentive

We’ve teamed up with Uber to offer a £200 voucher for Uber Eats or Uber rides for all move ins at Portchester House (Get Living) in accommodation year 2021/22.

Value of vouchers: Portchester House £200

Are you eligible?

  • The offer applies to bookings made on studios by the 31st August 2021, and that check in from September 2021 onwards. They must be a minimum 44 week tenancy contract for Portchester House.
  • The offer applies to new tenancies only. It excludes replacement tenants.
  • In order to qualify for this offer, an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST) must be entered into.
  • The offer applies to residents that meet Portchester House reference criteria
  • This offer is limited to specific properties
  • The offer is given on a per household basis, not individuals i.e. one incentive per household irrespective of the number of residents.
  • The offer is not negotiable or transferable
  • Eligible resident must be making full rental payments up front or via three instalments.
  • This offer will be forfeited in the event of rental arears.
  • Portchester House/Get Living does not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the offer. There is no cash alternative.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer from Portchester House/Get Living unless otherwise stated
  • You may be required to partake in some publicity for Portchester House/Get Living as required. By accepting this incentive, you consent to being contacted to take part in this activity
  • For help, enquiries or for further information related to this offer please contact the relationship management team at:

The Legal Stuff!

  • Portchester House/Get Living is not acting as agent for Uber or any of its drivers, delivery staff or participating restaurants
  • Portchester House/Get Living reserves the right to vary, amend or withdraw this offer at any time including to comply with any Covid 19 Regulations or guidance
  • Portchester House/Get Living will not be liable for any claim for injury or loss as a result of the actions of Uber, its drivers, delivery staff or participating restaurants.
  • Portchester House/Get Living does not in any way vouch for the behaviour or competence of any Uber driver nor the roadworthiness of any vehicle
  • It is the obligation of the user to ensure that they are satisfied with the food hygiene standards of any participating restaurant via
  • In the event of Uber losing its licence to operate there is no obligation upon Portchester House/Get Living to offer a refund or alternative incentive
  • Monthly unused Uber /Uber Eats credit will not be rolled over
  • The conditions of carriage with Uber are that a resident must be travelling in the Uber vehicle.
  • Should your household terminate the tenancy prior to the end of the qualifying period, you are no longer entitled to this promotional offer.
  • Uber Vouchers (a) may only be redeemed for specific types of rides/orders requested via Uber’s applicable mobile application: (b) is subject to a specific, defined expiration date; (c) is subject to specific, defined geographic restrictions; (d) is subject to a specific, defined maximum Redemption Value; (e) cannot be redeemed for goods or services outside of the Uber App or Uber Eats App, as applicable; (f) once redeemed value is not transferable to other Uber accounts, users or products; (g) has no cash value and may not ben redeemed for cash, except as required by law.
  • The user agrees to comply with Uber community rules as advised and updated

Uber Vouchers may be used for personal purposes by the recipient of any such Uber Voucher only, and may not be resold or used in connection with any marketing, advertising, promotional or other commercial activities